Torque Wars!

A competition for all motorcycles

A National Dyno Torque Shootout 

Own a Dyno and want to participate in TORQUE Wars?
Or want to get your local Dyno to participate?
Sign Up here to be a Paticipating Dyno Center for TORQUE WARS

If you think your bike has what it takes, all you will need to do is contact one of the official TORQUE WARS Dyno Centers to arrange your entry and have your bike ran on their Dynojet Dynamometer. They will upload your runs to TORQUE WARS headquarters for review and placement on the leader board. Within a week you will see where you stand with other bikes with same class sized engines around the USA. If your bike's bad enough, you may get bragging rights for the highest torque in your engine class for the US for 2016. Maybe even some prizes… we are not sharing everything yet.
The whole thing Starts in March 2016 so stay tuned.
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